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Daniel Zlobin is Russian-born Canadian cinematographer based in Toronto. Studied in Moscow International Film School in 2007–2009 and was a member of Levan Paatashvili’s cinematography workshop during 2009. In 2015 Daniel received Master's Degree in cinematography from Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television. 


Working with narrative films Daniel successfully collaborated with Canadian, French, English, Norwegian and Russian directors. His professional principle can be summed up as staying loyal to director and true to the story. Daniel’s ultimate goal in his work is to “picture the invisible” (referring to the emotion, obviously).


During three years Daniel had been a part of director’s duo focused on cinematography and directing for short form. Partnership in this duo brought him background in commercials and fashion videos as well as VIMEO STAFF PICK. 

Daniel’s first feature film “Mortaingale” directed by Chrystele Nicot and Antoine Alesandrini (production by Buro Bocage at Normandy, France) is currently in post-production.


Daniel enjoys watching boring black and white films (Bergman in particular), wearing classic shirts and listening to Led Zeppelin.

Based in Toronto
Available worldwide

Feel free to contact me directly

+1 437 255 4433

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